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BRIGHTS to LIGHTS [entries|friends|calendar]
Brights To Lights .::. Shoot to stardom


The LJ Community for the cute pairing of Katou Kazuki and Aiba Hiroki. Both have been acquainted since Aiba's BRIGHTS days, until their current participation in Tenimyu. (As Atobe Keigo and Fuji Syuusuke respectively)
This community is for the sharing of art, media and fanfiction. (Or actually, anything and everything to do with the pairing)! Enjoy your stay~


_ABSOLUTELY No bashing!!
_Sharing as much as you can!
_Please no repetitive requests. If nobody replied the first time, don't just post again.
_Search through the memories first! Someone might've asked that question already...
_Please remember to tag your posts! You'll make it so much easier for your pitiful mods.
_Remember to BE NICE.
_And please enjoy your stay~♥


Aiba @ LJ
Katou @ LJ
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Curiosity [June 15, 2007]


Disclaimer: I do not own Prince of Tennis or Tenimyu - Tennis no Ohjisama Musicals or the actors or anything else...(real people fic)
Chapter 1
He watched him. During practice and when the group sat down together to watch a play back of the days show. It wasn’t something he actually
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wallpaper [June 10, 2007]

[ mood | artistic ]

Was bored and got this idea after I read somewhere about the fact that both Aiba-san and Kato-san wears matching or very close looking rings.

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To Learn, To Know; KazuAi; PG; Drama; One-shot [February 23, 2007]

Title: To Learn, To Know
Author: Hanabi Reeza [onew]
Rating: PG
Genre: Drama, mild Angst
Pairing: Katou Kazuki x Aiba Hiroki (AiSai if you squint really hard)
Word Count: 533 words
Diclaimers: TeniMyu, oh TeniMyu. No, they're not mine.
Summary: And yes, Katou Kazuki was reduced to being a babysitter - of Aiba Hiroki, no less.
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THE STEPS. [PG; One-Shot] [February 23, 2007]

title: THE STEPS.
author: yumeyana
fandom: musical tennis no oujisama
pairing: katoh kazuki x aiba hiroki
rating/genre: PG / humor
summary: In this very busy world, Katoh needs to think about creative ways on how to lure Aiba in. Project 01: Dancing.

( You weren't close enough, Hiroki. )

[crossposted at tenimyu_slash, brightstolights.]
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Wishing for the Sun [KatouAi; ShiroAi] [October 02, 2006]

[ mood | amused ]

title: Wishing for the Sun
author: yumeyana
fandom: TeniMyu
pairings: KatouAi ; ShiroAi
genre: drama, angst
rating: pg-13
summary: Katou watches the beauty that is Aiba smile and he thinks, is wishing for the sun too much for the moon?

crossposted @ tenimyu_slash, brightstolights and @ quilled_dreams where is sleeps.

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[September 30, 2006]


Title: Orgasm
Author: Kat8cha
Pairing: Katou/Aiba/Shirota Nagayan/Tuti(hinted, very vague and slim)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Nagayan peeps on Aiba during Switch. (Total accident he assures you)

Fake Cut

I know it's not *only* Katou/Aiba and I sniffle at the fact. >> I'm such a lousy mod! ~wails~ I should have like planned a contest for Aiba's birthday or something. Oh well, for all members of the comm who care, I dare you to write a fic/draw a pic/make an icon/gif/movie about Aiba's birthday and something Katou can get him. Heck, take a picture of something and tell us why you think Katou'd give it to Aiba.

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Fic: Stray [5/5] [September 06, 2006]

[ mood | complacent ]

Title: Stray
Author: pratz
Chapter: 5/5 (yay! an end!)
Characters: Katou, Aiba
Warning: none
Notes: with this, I end Stray. Just brick me now.
Link: here

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[August 29, 2006]

I made Icons! 8 of Aiba, and 2 with Katou/Aiba!

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icons! [August 22, 2006]

• +4 aiba hiroki
• +3 date kouji
• +2 endou yuuya
• +3 katou kazuki
• +1 katou x aiba
• +3 kamakari kenta
• +5 kimeru
• +3 kotani yoshikazu
• +2 nagayan + aiba
• +4 suzuki hiroki


1 2 3

( more tenipuri icons )
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[Fic]: Stray (4/5) [August 21, 2006]

[ mood | working ]

Title: Stray
Author: pratz
Chapter: 4/5
Characters: Aiba, Katou, Nagayama (dearest guest)
Teaser: "What is it about me that I can't have what I want the most?"
Previous chapters: 1 - 2 - 3
Link: to my journal

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Fic: Stray, Pt. 3/5 [August 16, 2006]

[ mood | working ]

Title: Stray
Author: pratz 
Part: 3/5
Characters: Katou, Aiba, Shirota
Warning: angst, RPS, overusing or words "angry" and"love"
Teaser: "I know I still love you."
Previous" 1 - 2
Link: to my journal

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Fic: Stray, Pt.2 [August 11, 2006]

[ mood | crazy ]

Title: Stray
Author: pratz
Chapter: 2/5
Characters: Katou, Aiba, Mizushima Hiro, Nagayama Takashi
Warning: angst, and RPS no matter what
Notes: I'm writing like crazy, yeh, yeh, yeh
Previous chapter is here

Link: to my journal

do enjoy yo!

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[Fic]: Stray [August 10, 2006]

[ mood | working ]

Title: Stray
Author: pratz
Chapter: 1/5
Characters: Katou, Aiba, Shirota, Yanagi
Disclaimer: none of them is mine; you know it already.
Warning: angst, and of course our dearest friend RPS, people! 
Teaser: "It's not working, Kazuki-san. I've tried, he's tried, but it doesn't work."
Link: to my journal

do enjoy!

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kirakira puu~ [August 06, 2006]

• +3 ; aiba hiroki
• +1 ; aiba x sakurada
• +5 ; hirofumi araki
• +6 ; endou yuuya
• +3 ; katou kazuki
• +5 ; sakurada doori


1 2 3

( gekipuri icons ; tenimyu )

enjoy. will make some katou/aiba icons later ♥

and while we're at it---I'm currently writing a Katou/Aiba one-shot, but need it HEAVILY beta'd because well, I make tons of mistakes and all that. If anyone's interested in beta-ing it when it's finish, please tell me =D
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[August 06, 2006]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Katou: Ooh! Lookie, lookie! There's a comm for us!
Aiba: *grumbles* what so special?
Katou: It means I have more time with you!
Aiba: With Yuu? *dumbfounded*
Katou: *glares* It means you have more time with me!
Aiba: *glares back* What? Since when you're with that dummy? How could you not tell me anything about it?
Katou: *sweatdrops*

Forget it.

Now, my first post here... da-da-daaaan!

That's all for now, dude. Cross your fingers for more XD

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[August 01, 2006]

We have 10 members!    (And the mod's count!)  And I'm willing to start small!!! ~blows kisses at you all~ 

Okay, I've seen a couple picturese of this shot, and I've looked at other pics of Katou and Aiba. It really does look like the same ring. I'll go more photographic evidence later yo.  I'll also post a fic soon (if I can get to writing one.)
Discuss! Oh, and talk about why you like Katou/Aiba, etc, etc. Talk aout anything you want in the comments really

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歓迎は、あなたの訪問を楽しむ! [July 31, 2006]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Welcome, visitor~☆

You have stumbled/ been directed/ been coerced into to THE Katou Kazuki and Aiba Hiroki community. Please enjoy your stay! ^_____^

Your friendly mods (mots_fleuris and kat8cha) are available for queries-- please reply to this comment should your have any questions!

Please remember to abide by the rules and not be stupid rude! (Rules are available, both at the info page and in the community layout itself. Can't miss it. :D)

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